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Hidden Pictures


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Do you like challenges? You'll find plenty in this entertaining book filled with cleverly hidden pictures. Look closely at each of the 24 full-page illustrations to discover some very unusual objects located in out-of-the-way places. A peaceful tableau of a lion and its mate reveals, on closer examination, a clothespin, spool of thread, teddy bear, and ear of corn, among other items. And that appealing scene of puppies at play also includes a barbecue fork, seahorse, two carrots, party cap, fireman's ax, and an ice cream scoop. Older children and aadults can sharpen their perception skills as they look for hidden pictures. Each charmingly rendered illustration is accompanied by a list of the items to be found in that picture. 24 full-age black-and-white illustrations 32 pages 8.25" x 11" Paperbound