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Hidden Treasure Maze Book


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Here are breathtaking heroic tales of adventure accompanying 34 intricate mazes. As you solve them, you will encounter evil dragons, people-eating plants, bloodthirsty giants, fierce desert nomads, marauding pirates, sharks, ghosts, dinosaurs, and many other dangerous adversaries, monsters, and demons. Created by maze master Dave Phillips, these serpentine puzzles take you into mythical realms where you can join the hair-raising exploits of brave heroes and heroines: Sue, a skier threatened by vicious wolves on a precipitous mountain pass; the captured prince and princess of Baghdad flying on a magic carpet to evade the claws of an evil vizier's hawks; a professor searching with his niece and nephew through a savage prehistoric wilderness for their lost time machine; a knight threading through labyrinthine tunnels to claim the treasure hoard of a fire-breathing dragon.And, if you become hopelessly lost, solutions in the back of the book show you how to get out of trouble.Hidden Treasure Maze Book will delight all puzzlists and armchair adventurers. By following every twist and turn of these challenging and inventive mazes, you can sharpen your puzzle-solving skills while stimulating your imagination.