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Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Homeschool Package with Parent Guide CD-ROM

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Covering the major middle school sciences: Earth, Life, and Physical, the Holt Science and Technology curriculum provides a thorough, inquiry-based introduction to basic scientific concepts and principles that will prepare students for high school courses. Chapters in the Earth Science Student Textbook open with a Pre-Reading Activity that helps students to organize their ideas, and a Start-Up Activity to motivate them. Each section includes Objectives, Key Terms, and a Reading Check to develop reading skills, vocabulary, and understanding. Lessons are concise, providing students with a brief explanation and examples, and are followed by a section review that covers the key idea, critical thinking skills, and math concepts. The sidebars provide quick labs and school-to-home connections, as well as links to other subjects or scientific topics. The text is enriched through additional examples, sidebars that ask students to think more deeply, and photographs or illustrated diagrams. Each chapter ends with a skills practice lab, comprehensive chapter review, standardized test preparation, and 'science in action' section. A "lab book" section in the back of the book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for practice labs, including procedures and charts. 851 pages with index, glossary, Spanish glossary, reading check answers, and study helps. This secular middle-school curriculum covers minerals, rocks, energy resources, fossils, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate, the Solar System, erosion, and more, through an abundance of hands-on labs and interesting profiles of real-life scientists. The Homeschool Parent Guide CD-ROM replaces the standard text teacher's edition, and provides parents with daily lesson plans, teaching suggestions, and answers to student edition activities. The included Chapter Resources CD-ROM is provided for each chapter in the text. Each chapter file provides everything needed to plan and manage your lessons, including skills worksheets (section & chapter reviews, reinforcement & critical thinking), assessments (section quizzes, tests, standardized test prep), Labs and Activities (datasheets for chapter, quick, and Labbook Labs), and Teacher Resources (teacher notes, lab notes & answers, answer keys). Appropriate for 6th-8th grades. System Requirements for the Chapter Resources CD-ROM:   Macintosh:9.2 or 10.2 OS G3+ CPU, 233 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB min. hard-drive space CD-ROM Drive, 800 x 600 Display.   Windows: 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP with latest updates, Windows 7 133 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB hard drive space min. CD-ROM Drive, 800 x 600 display. System Requirements for the Homeschool Parent Guide CD-ROM   Macintosh:10.2 and up G3+ CPU, 500 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB min. hard-drive space   Windows: 98, 2000, XP, 7 or Vista with latest updates 500 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB hard drive space min. This kit includes:   Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science, 851 pages, hardcover Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Parent's Guide CD-ROM Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Chapter Resources CD-ROM