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Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Homeschool Package with Teacher's Edition

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Covering the major middle school sciences: Earth, Life, and Physical, the Holt Science and Technology curriculum provides a thorough, inquiry-based introduction to basic scientific concepts and principles that will prepare students for high school courses. Chapters in the Earth Science Student Textbook are concise, providing students with a brief explanation and examples, and are followed by a section review that covers the key idea, critical thinking skills, and math concepts. Each chapter ends with a skills practice lab, comprehensive chapter review, standardized test preparation, and 'science in action' section. 851 pages with index, glossary, Spanish glossary, reading check answers, and study helps. This secular middle-school curriculum covers minerals, rocks, energy resources, fossils, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate, the Solar System, erosion, and more, through an abundance of hands-on labs and interesting profiles of real-life scientists. The teacher's edition includes a unit-by-unit chapter planning guide with objects, labs, resources, review/assessment, and correlations laid out in chart format. Full-color reduced-size student pages are surrounded by wrap-around teacher notes. 856 pages, hardcover. The included Chapter Resources CD-ROM is provided for each chapter in the text. Each chapter file provides everything needed to plan and manage your lessons, including skills worksheets (section & chapter reviews, reinforcement & critical thinking), assessments (section quizzes, tests, standardized test prep), Labs and Activities (datasheets for chapter, quick, and Labbook Labs), and Teacher Resources (teacher notes, lab notes & answers, answer keys). Appropriate for 6th-8th grades. System Requirements for the Chapter Resources CD-ROM:   Macintosh:9.2 or 10.2 OS G3+ CPU, 233 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB min. hard-drive space CD-ROM Drive, 800 x 600 Display.   Windows: 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP with latest updates, Windows 7 133 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM min. 100 MB hard drive space min. CD-ROM Drive, 800 x 600 display. This kit includes:   Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science, 851 hardcover Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Teacher's Edition, 856 pages, hardcover Holt Science & Technology: Earth Science Chapter Resources CD-ROM Please Note: This is a secular textbook, and thus contains two units which teach evolution and the history of life on earth. There is also a unit on both animal and human sexual reproduction with diagrams, and a discussion of STDs and infertility. Homeschoolers: This curriculum set was created for public schools; therefore the teacher's guide refers to a One-Stop Planner, Lab videos, online resources, and other components which are not included in this kit, nor available to homeschoolers. The teacher's guide also includes reduced-size reproductions of worksheets intended to be printed off of the "One-Stop Planner" CD, which is not included in this homeschool kit.