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Kids Across, Parents Down: Crazy Critters: The Puzzles That Kids & Adults Enjoy Together

Running Kids Press

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Small moments can have big payoffs in families. When you have an activity that kids and parents can enjoy together, you've got a chance to relax, share, and get closer. Kids Across/Parents Down is a simple concept that gained its popularity reaching millions of readers through weekly syndication in newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. These are crossword puzzles with easy words and clues for kids to do across, and brain-tickling, age-appropriate down clues for adults. As fun as goofy games like “Mad Libs,” yet far more educational. About the Author Jan Buckner Walker is the creator of Kids Across Parents Down, the nation's #1 nationally syndicated family crossword. Since their launch in 2004 through Tribune Media Services, the weekly crosswords -- dubbed "The Original Crossword Puzzle for Kids and Their Favorite Adults" -- have become a family tradition in millions of families nationwide and a "puzzling" career for Buckner Walker. A journalism graduate, Jan is also an attorney working as a consultant in employment law. She lives with her family in suburban Chicago.