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Knights Activity Book


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This entertaining activity book lets you travel back in time to the glorious age of chivalry. You'll not only meet knights in shining armor, you'll also learn the names of various parts of a suit of armor, how and where these brave medieval soldiers lived, and what they did when not fighting on horseback to protect the lands and property of their lords. Thirty action-packed puzzles — including exciting pictures to color — invite you to solve crosswords containing the names of battlefield weapons and typical foods villagers provided the Lord of the Manor. Challenging mazes ask you to help a knight find a castle and to lead another warrior out of a dungeon. Yet another puzzle asks you to identify the differences between pictures of two similar sixteenth-century knights. You will have fun with these and many other activities as you learn about the fascinating world of knighthood and how people lived in the Middle Ages. Solutions to the puzzles are included.