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KOR the Dice Game


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Roll the Haul before you Loose it All!!! Buckle up. KOR™ is the bold press your luck dicegame geared to get your wheels spinning ANDhave you screaming for the air brakes at the sametime! Every player is in the drivers seat on their turnand rolls the jumbo dice to log 25, 50 or 100 milesat a time. Each roll (haul) must obey the rules ofthe open road. How many times does a player rollthe dice on their turn? As many times as possibleand they Keep On Rolling™ until no miles havebeen rolled or they run into a dead end, Players canroll their turn to a slow and steady STOP or looseeverything they have rolled by hitting a DEAD END!Roll a U-TURN and you pass the dice to any player,who then is U-TURNED and rolling against theirscore! The first player to log 6,000 miles wins! Ages 8+2+ players25-30 min