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Kumon Thinking Skills Workbook - Same and Different (Pre-K & Up)


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Couldn't every kid use a little more common sense? These are great workbooks to encourage critical thinking, packed full of colorful, fun, and engaging activities. Each workbook contains sections of several types of activities; the activities within each section get progressively more difficult. Spatial Reasoning includes activities such as tracing, mazes, following directions, jigsaw puzzles, copying shapes, comparing height, and coloring patterns. Differentiation covers matching shapes, matching colors, matching parts, matching pairs, mirror images, and identifying objects. Logic includes matching features, drawing conclusions, relationships, comparing weight, comparing speed, real or pretend, and patterns. Creativity covers tracing animals, drawing faces, drawing animals, drawing scenes, completing scenes, and creative drawing. Answers are included in the back of each workbook. I love the purposeful focus on critical thinking activities that makes this series unique from so many early learning workbooks!