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Leaps and Ledges


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Leaps & Ledges by MindWare. Recommended for ages 8 years and up. Considered a best toy for 8 year olds. Rated a top toy for 9 year olds. Game of Playing Cards To Move Pawns Up A Tower. Encourages Fine Motor Skills, Strategy, Logic. Take Board-Game Fun To A New Dimension of Excitement. Play Cards To Move Pawns Up Levels of Tower. Play Action Cards To Boost Chances, Sabotage Opponents. Only Pawns of the Same Color Can Be On A Level at Once. Land Pawn On Level With Pawn of Another Color - Other Pawn Is Knocked Off. Pawns On Same Level AS A Pawn of the Same Color Can'T Be Knocked Off. First Player To Move All 4 Pawns To Top By Exact Count Wins. Includes Game Base, 15 Level Platforms, Tower Crown, 72 Playing Cards, 16 Pawns in 4 Colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green). Detailed Instructions and Game Rules, Included. High Quality Materials and Construction for Exceptional Playing Experience