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Learn To Draw Tiggerific Tales

Walter Foster

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There’s always a mystery to dissolve in the Hundred Acre Wood! As soon as the Sleuth Flag is raised, Super Sleuths Tigger and Pooh “spring” into action! With their friend Darby and her spirited little dog, Buster, Tigger and Pooh use their super-duper problem-solving skills to think through all of the mysteries they encounter. Preschoolers love to take part in the mystiggerous interactive adventures of Playhouse Disney’s My Friends Tigger & Pooh. Now young fans of the show can follow the dynamic duo on even more sleuthing adventures with Watch Me Draw My Friends Tigger & Pooh Tiggerific Tales—and learn to draw a range of exciting subjects in the process! This colorful, 24-page book features 11 easy drawing lessons, a unique flip-down paper pad with helpful drawing prompts, a sheet of special “reward” stickers, and a dozen engaging scenes featuring Tigger, Pooh, and all of their tiggerific friends. Any child who can draw a square, a triangle, and a circle soon will be drawing a tractor, a pine tree, a bumblebee, and a lot more!