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Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor

Fantasy Flight Games

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Experience the thrill of the fellowship’s desperate race in a fraction of the time with the Lord of the rings: journey to mordor! journey to mordor is a dice game that puts you and your friends in the roles of the four hobbits in the fellowship. Together, you must travel along the route of the fellowship, from bag end to mordor and the mountain of fire itself. Every turn, you'll need to press your luck, battling orcs and staying one step ahead of the nazgûl that pursue you. The player who makes it to mount doom first and destroys the one ring is the winner. A push-your-luck dice game set in the Lord of the rings saga. Take on the role of a Hobbit in the fellowship of the ring. Experience all the danger and wonder of middle-earth as you travel through iconic locations. Evade the nazgûl or send them after your rivals. Advanced rules introduce special circumstances for each location.