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Making Crafts from Your Kids Art

Lark Books

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Show off every one of your children's cherished artistic masterpieces, and incorporate their creativity into your daily life. From ideas for organization, preservation, and storage to projects for clocks, albums, and enchanted wainscoting, here are dozens of unusual ways to take kids' art to another level. Every inspiring page presents the work of real children, and the crafts come with easy to follow instructions and templates where needed. For something functional and fun, take that pretty picture of flowers your daughter drew, reduce or enlarge it to size, and use transfer material to put the design on a cup and saucer. A family style calendar showcases the illustrations of many children at once; choose drawings that correspond with the season. Make a heart magnetic message board, sparkling wire ornament, stained glass panel, and covers for a phone book. Even knit a child's design onto a sweater. Every time you look at these projects, they'll warm your heart.