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Maps of The World


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Designed for students of a variety of ages, abilities, and learning styles, this unique collection of reproducible hand-drawn maps, worksheets, and activities brings a wealth of learning opportunities to your classroom or homeschool. With Maps of the World, students explore all of the world’s continents and countries through hands-on mapping projects and other creative activities, gaining a global outlook and a strong foundation in the fascinating study of world geography.

Fully flexible, Maps of the World is designed so that you can use it as a workbook for one student or duplicate the activities of your choice for classroom or family use. In addition to nearly three hundred reproducible student pages, Maps of the World contains a multitude of other student activities from which you can choose as well as an appendix featuring print and online resources.

With Maps of the World, students can

  • Create more than fifty maps covering the whole world using attractive, reproducible outlines that indicate major rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges.
  • Learn to plan ahead and produce clean, attractive maps by gathering the mapping data on handy, reproducible worksheets before beginning.
  • Discover interesting facts about each continent and country using reproducible worksheets designed to initiate a student’s research and encourage comparison.
  • Delve deeper into learning about the countries of the world through oral presentations, creative writing, report writing, three-dimensional map modeling, and other hands-on activities like creating time lines, brochures, and children’s books.
  • Explore human geography through thematic mapping of trends such as population density, literacy, and gross domestic product.
  • Reference some of the many good books and online sources featured in the Resources appendix.