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Math in Focus Grade 1 Homeschool Package (with Answer Key)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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This Math in Focus Homeschool Pack contains the Math in Focus books needed by 1st grade students as well as the answer key. This Homeschool kit includes:   Workbook 1A, 263 pages, softcover. Workbook 1B, 263 pages, softcover. Textbook 1A, 278 pages, hardcover. Textbook 1B, 318 pages, hardcover. Homeschool Answer Key, 184 newsprint-like pages, softcover. Unlike the Grade 1 Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach Grade 1 Student Pack, it does not include the assessments book, and unlike the Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach Grade 1A First Semester Kit and Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach Grade 1 Second Semester Homeschool Package, it does not include the full teacher's edition. The full teacher's edition provides objectives, material lists, games, detailed step-by-step lesson instructions, and reproducible blackline masters; however, they are not required to teach this curriculum. Based upon the Singapore method of teaching mathematics, Math in Focus features a problem-based approach that builds on a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression. Within each grade fewer topics are taught, but at a more in-depth level; visual representations, modeling strategies, and a development of conceptual understanding, place value, and computation fluency help students to understand the "how" behind their exercises. The consumable student workbooks provide practice, assessment, and skill-development exercises based upon the text lessons. In the textbooks, cheery illustrations and easy-to-understand lessons give kids a fun atmosphere to work in and a simple way to understand abstract math concepts. The answer key includes the answers to the practice exercises, "Put on Your Thinking Cap" exercises, math journal activities, and chapter review/tests. Four student pages are reproduced on each answer key page with the correct answers overlaid. Please note that this key only contains answers; no teaching instructions are included. Black and white newsprint-like pages. The first semester (1A) covers counting to 20, ways to add and subtract, plane and solid shapes, ordinal numbers, position words, and measurement. The second semester (1B) covers weight; picture & bar graphs, numbers, addition & subtraction to 100, mental math, calendar & time, multiplication, division, and money. Real-life problems are integrated throughout all chapters.