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Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach Grade 5 Student Pack

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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This Student Packet kit contains the Math in Focus books needed by the 5th Grade student, and includes:   Workbook 5A, 264 pages, softcover. Workbook 5B, 218 pages, softcover. Textbook 5A, 348 pages, hardcover. Textbook 5B, 334 pages, hardcover. Assessments Book, 178 pages, paperback; tests are perforated, three-hole-punched, and reproducible. Based upon the Singapore method of teaching mathematics, Math in Focus features a problem-based approach that builds on a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression. Within each grade fewer topics are taught, but at a more in-depth level; visual representations, modeling strategies, and a development of conceptual understanding, place value, and computation fluency help students to understand the "how" behind their exercises. The consumable student workbooks provide practice, assessment, and skill-development exercises. In the textbooks, cheery illustrations and easy-to-understand lessons give kids a fun atmosphere to work in. Examples are provided alongside helpful representations and explanatory text; fun games, hands-on activities, math journal, "put on your thinking cap", chapter wrap-up, and review/ test exercises are also included. The first semester of fourth grade (5A) helps children work on multiplying or dividing by tens, hundreds or thousands; dividing 2-digit numbers; order of operations; adding and subtracting unlike or mixed fractions; multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers; and algebra. The second semester (5B) covers decimals, multiplying & dividing decimals, percents, graphs & probability, angles, properties of triangles & four-sided figures, three-dimensional shapes, surface area and volume, and real-life problems.