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Mathematical Reasoning™ Grades 4-6 Supplement

Critical Thinking Company

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Description & Features This 320-page book develops investigative, analytical, and explanatory skills as well as a variety of quantitative and spatial relationships that are an essential part of the foundation of mathematics.Students who successfully complete this book will see gains in vocabulary development, observational skills, and the ability to process mathematical concepts on a much higher level. The activities are arranged in six sections which address six major strands in the elementary mathematics curriculum.Number and NumerationDiscussion and analysis of numeration, comparison, equivalent forms, and estimation.GeometryDescription, classification, and construction of polygons; composition and decomposition of figures; transformation of figures in a plane; tracing networks.OperationsBuilds on number and numeration using conceptual development of multiplication and division. Applies these operations in problem solving. Use of parenthesis in computation, divisibility of whole numbers, and flowcharting.MeasurementIntegrates number and geometry concepts using length, area, and volume.RelationsUses order, number patterns, and functions to explore number relations.Tables and GraphsInvolves organizing, displaying, and using data in a various formats.