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Mathematical Reasoning™ Level F

Critical Thinking Company

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Mathematical Reasoning Level F (Grade 5)Bridges the gap between computation and mathematical reasoning for higher grades and top test scores.Most parents know that a child who only memorizes math facts without really understanding math will find progressively complex concepts more and more difficult to understand. But what they erroneously think is that such problems arise about the time a child is memorizing the multiplication table. Not so. Unlike reading, an integral skill that is tightly woven throughout our entire day, math tends to be a more sporadic subject, essential when you need it and then easily set aside. That is why it is imperative that a child is able to reason his way through any mathematical problem.Beyond Drill to Real Skills Award-winning Mathematical Reasoning is a great place to start. With quick, straightforward problems to build mathematical reasoning skills, these highly motivational activities will take your child beyond mere drill work by using step-by-step, discussion-based problem solving. Concepts spiral gradually so that children do not forget as they go. The concepts are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Table of Contents/Skills include:  Analyze Angle Area Calendar Capacity - customary, metric Concept - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Congruence Coordinate System Count Critical Thinking Data Analysis - bar graph, line graph, survey, table, picture Data Collection Decimals - concept, add, subtract, multiply, divide Draw - parallel, perpendicular, by definition Equations Expression, Vocabulary Equivalence Estimation - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Exponents Factors Fractions - form/vocabulary, add, subtract, multiply, divide Graph, Table, Chart, Figure - analyze, represent Inequalities Length - customary, metric Likelihood, Probability Mean, Median, Mode Money - add, subtract, multiply, divide Multiple Negative Numbers Order Order of Operations Patterns - geometric, numeric Percent Perimeter Place Value - expanded notation, number form, word form Polygon Prime/Composite Properties Reflection, Translation, Rotation Rounding Shapes - 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional Signed Numbers Symmetry Temperature - customary, metric Time Variable as Unknown - in addition, in subtraction, in multiplication, in division Volume Weight - customary, metric Whole Numbers - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Word Problems