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Miller's Blank History Timeline

Miller Pads and Paper

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Miller's Blank History Timelines have been a huge success! That means 2 things. They are filling a need and the price is good (usually 50% to 75% less than others! Each spiral bound book has 50 sheets or 100 pages with a blank cover so students can design their own inside and out! Each timeline will be unique just like the person who created it! Every page has a dark center line going from right to left. Then there are 5 notches, (small 1/2" dividing lines), that run up and down along that center line. Lighter horizontal lines are printed above and below the center line, covering the page from top to bottom. Students and adults will love making their very own timelines and cherish them for years to come. Fill them with color by adding stickers of historical people, places, inventions and things. Write in colored pens, markers and colored pencils. Draw your own pictures, cut out pictures from articles, magazines or old books, use historical paper dolls, or artist stickers, etc.. You get the idea! Miller's timelines are worth their weight in gold, as they will help you all to remember what you studied, and each time students open their timelines they will be reinforcing what they have learned for years to come! Each timeline is 12 inches wide by 9 inches tall and is bound on the 9 inch side.   Are you interested in learning more about the Blank History Timelines? Then, check out our blog article that goes into detail about the quality of materials and potential uses for our timelines!