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Miller's Calligraphy I Kit

Miller Pads and Paper

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This new kit is a wonderful addition to our products. Calligraphy I is a workbook in which the beginning calligrapher will learn the basics, such as how to properly hold their pens, how to correctly form each letter and number, etc. They work right in the book. For extra practice for gifts, scrapbooks, cards etc.. and for learning the proper angle for writing, we have added the Calligraphy Practice pad. The 3 acid-free calligraphy pens come in 3 assorted sizes and will last a long time, after your practice so you can enjoy blessing people with your new skill! We hope you will enjoy this new kit, or perhaps someone you know would enjoy it as a unique gift! Kit includes: The Calligraphy I Workbook, 1 Miller’s Calligraphy Practice Pad and 3 asst. acid-free Calligraphy Pens.