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Money Quest

Money Quests

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Money Quest is a curriculum ready textbook for grades 3 and 4. Complete with assignments, class discussions, worksheets with answers, fun mazes, crosswords and word find puzzles, this book is designed to fulfill the financial literacy components for 3rd and 4th grade. Follow Princess Heidi and young lad Alexander on their quest to learn about money, business, responsibility, loans, interest, work, profits, saving, spending, giving, supply and demand and much more! While young Alexander wants to have an alligator sales business, he must start with puppies. After speaking with the King, and a little research, he realizes that quest must be changed. How can he achieve his dream? Princess Heidi takes on the responsibility of a puppy, but the King surprises her when he insist she pay him back for the supplies from the Dragon and Pet Supply Store! She is aghast! What will she do? Journey with the Royal Family as the King helps them learn and understand the many aspects of money. Enjoy your trip to the village of Dezeret!