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Moon Exploration Coloring Book


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As long as there have been humans on the earth, the moon has been an object of fascination, awe, and fear, and has led to art, poetry, philosophical musings, and scientific inquiry. People have gazed up at the moon and speculated about its composition (green cheese?), the features that appeared to be a "man in the moon," the moon's power over human affairs (transforming people into werewolves or lunatics), and much more. In the last half century, however, the moon has become less a fanciful globe inspiring poets and dreamers and more the target of astronomical research and manned exploration.In this informative coloring book, Bruce LaFontaine spotlights both of these aspects of earth's closest neighbor in the solar system. Forty-four finely detailed, ready-to-color illustrations show a map of the moon; a scientific rendering of the moon's crust, mantle, and core; American Apollo astronauts exploring the moon; the heroes of H. G. Wells's The First Men in the Moon accosted by cave-dwelling lunar inhabitants; Galileo and his drawings of the moon; imaginative ideas of moon travel from as early as 300 B.C.; the moon's role in solar and lunar eclipses; Hollywood's 1950 version of a moon rocket, space suit, and terrain; a moon-based mining colony of the future; lunar craters; and other real and fanciful elements of lunar lore and history. Captions accompany each illustration in this unique coloring book, sure to captivate coloring book fans and thrill cosmic adventurers.