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Mouse Mania Board Game

Learning Resources

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This analog coding game teaches digital skills! Building on the success of Learning Resources' Code & Go Robot Mouse, this fun board game pairs hands-on play with strategies based on fundamental coding concepts. Two to four players take on the roles of rival mice in the hunt for blocks of delicious cheese scattered around the game board. On each turn, players draw coding cards that they string together into sequences of commands to 'compute' their way toward those tempting cheesy wedges. To get there, they'll have to navigate around maze walls that block their paths, and towards warp tunnels that speed up their journeys. The player who collects the most cheese wedges at the end of the game wins, but all players come away with new skills and understanding-in addition to the coding component, each game is built around STEM skills including problem solving and critical thinking.**Board game inspired by Learning Resources' Code & Go Robot Mouse teacheskids coding basics**Two to four players draw coding cards and 'compute' their mice towards cheesewedges scattered across the boardĀ **Players must use critical thinking skills to navigate their mice away from barriers andtoward warp tunnels**Board game teaches coding skills through tactile play without the need for extra screentime or app**Age 5+**Grade K+