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Ninja Kitties Great Adventures Coloring Book

Fox Chapel Publishing

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Color with your new favorite cast of kitties!

  • Introduction to Ninja Kitties, an inspirational and encouraging kitten-themed coloring book series, featuring the complete cast of Ninja Kitty characters
  • 8 character profiles for Ninja Kitties, including their name, special personality traits, and unique qualities children can relate to
  • Positive messages to color and design, encouraging connections between kids and the Kitties they share their best qualities with
  • Free bonus stickers to decorate finished Ninja Kitties art, notebooks, and personal items

The Ninja Kitties crew presents this amazing coloring book to inspire, encourage, and create!

Kids will use their imagination as they fill each Ninja Kitty design and bring their favorite kitty characters to life! Each character has special attributes and personality traits—from the quiet and creative Panda to the athletic and strong Dragon—so kids can find who relates to them the most! Also included are a set of amazing bonus stickers.

Artist and illustrator Kayomi Harai is a self-taught Japanese artist whose style is imaginative and unique. Her inspiring Ninja Kitty line of artwork seeks to encourage and inspire young children to embrace who they are and what makes them unique.

This playful coloring book for kids 5-10 features the entire Ninja Kitties crew, each Kitty unique and special in their own way, and going on great adventures, from up in outer space to down deep in the ocean. Grab your crayons and get coloring with Ninja Kitties Great Adventures Coloring Book!