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No Experience Required! People in Watercolor

Walter Foster

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If you want to paint people but don't know where to start, this is the perfect book for you! With this practical guide, you can paint any person confidently and successfully in watercolor. Inside are easy-to-grasp concepts, simple painting techniques and no-fuss color advice you can put into practice right now, even if you've never worked in watercolor before. You'll learn how to re-create various skin tones, hairstyles, facial features, body details and the key characteristics that make each person unique, whether you're painting adults or children. Also, you'll discover how to develop an attractive setting or background that fits your subject. Twelve easy skill-building exercises and 19 step-by-step demonstrations take the fear out of painting people. Lots of tips and a little humor make it easy and fun! Grab your brushes and let's get started! This is the sixth book in the No Experience Required! series from North Light Books. Budding artists will find success with the reliable step-by-step instruction and plentiful illustrations found in each volume. No Experience Required!focuses on familiar subjects, simple compositions and a realistic style that builds confidence in beginning artists. Most importantly, you'll have fun creating beautiful drawings and paintings.