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Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Board Game


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  • STRATEGY GAME: Set in the era of the Cold War, players must work together and use carefully constructed character aliases to complete mission objectives for the CIA before the world is overwhelmed by the looming threat of a new bioweapon. A truly cooperative game where you win or lose together.
  • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: Only through teamwork will you and the other players uncover Cold War secrets, stop agents from escalating international tension, and keep the world safe. Each player’s alias will gain contacts and other assets, helping you work together to execute plans smoothly.
  • PLAY OVER THE COURSE OF A YEAR: Pandemic Legacy takes gameplay from the original Pandemic, but soon morphs into something more. Pandemic Legacy has a story arc that occurs over the course of a year. Each passing month brings new objectives, new challenges, and even new rules.
  • THE STORY EVOLVES AS YOU PLAY - YOUR DECISIONS CARRY OVER FOR THE NEXT GAMES: Actions have consequences from one game to the next as you strive to avert global disaster. Trigger certain events and you’ll unlock tools that reveal strategies for dealing with each new problem. These developments have a direct impact on the game itself. There are many paths to follow.
  • 1962, THE COLD WAR - THE CLOCK IS TICKING: A new threat looms on the horizon: a deadly new bioweapon, something called Project MEDUSA. You and your fellow medical graduates have been called up to the CIA for the critical mission of investigating and preventing its development. Travel the world using carefully constructed aliases to move swiftly between Allied, Neutral, and Soviet cities and complete objectives.