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Pocket Genius 50 States

Penguin Group

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Which state in the USA has about 100,000 glaciers? Which state boasts the largest national park? Which state is called the Lone Star State? Find the answers to these questions and more in the pages of this illustrated reference guide to the 50 states of the US. This fact-filled Pocket Genius book takes kids on a journey across each state, from Hawaii to Florida, to discover what makes it special. Stop at each state to learn about the different people who live in it, and find out about its history, geography, natural wonders, animals, cultures, cities, and landmarks. You’ll learn, too, about Washington, DC, which is unlike any US state, and the different overseas territories. Full-color photographs combine with an illustrated map; helpful stats and data to make this a handy reference tool. 160 pages, softcover. Ages 8 to 12.