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Post Bound Bare Book

Treetop Publishing

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Brand New Product! One of our favorite brands is back with a brand new product that we love! The Post Bound Bare Book is a unique take on one of our customers' favorites, the Large Blank Bare Book! When you pick up this book, you'll be greeted with familiar hard cover (9.58" x 11.25") that everyone loves but within the book, you'll find a fun twist! Instead of having a set amount of blank pages within, you'll 16 protective sleeves that fit most paper (8.5" x 11") that you'll have at home! Normally, you'd be stuck with the same story in a bare book, not this time. When you are ready to share a new story, just change out the paper and replace with your new story. These books work great for: School Projects Stories Presentations Businesses Not enough pages for your project? No problem, just pick up some Page Inserts & Extenders and you can have as many pages as you need to make a great project!