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Prang-8 Washable Watercolors

Prang / Dixon

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Quality paints that young children will love! Brilliant, semi-moist colors activate with small drops of water, blend well, dry fully transparent and re-hydrate immediately. New shape holds 41% more paint. Set includes 8 vibrant colors and a #5 watercolor brush. Pans are 3/4"L x 1 1/4"W x 1/4"D. Washes completely off clothes and skin Colors: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red and yellow Pans are non-refillable Made in the USA Easy to clean up AP Certified PrangĀ® Semi-Moist Washable Watercolors do not contain the following common allergens: Does not contain Latex Does not contain Dairy & Casein Does not contain Egg Does not contain Gluten Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut Does not contain Soy Ā