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Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments Grades K-2

Newell Rubbermaid

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Test your child's reading comprehension skills. Use the teaching units from Everyday Comprehension Intervention Activities to strengthen each of those skills. Re-test periodically to monitor progress. The heart of this program is the ability to keep track of the progress that is being made as well as to target specific areas that might need additional work. Sixteen reading comprehension strategies are covered: analyze character analyze story elements analyze text structure and organization compare & contrast draw conclusions evaluate author's purpose and point of view evaluate fact and opinion identify cause and effect identify main idea and supporting details identify sequence or steps in a process make inferences make judgments make predictions summarize information use graphic features to interpret information use text features to locate information There are three assessments per strategy covering the reading levels of each book. Each assessment has a reading passage and five test items to measure the one strategy. There are three multiple-choice and two short-answer questions. Although designed and used primarily for reading comprehension, they can also be used to measure listening comprehension. Complete answer keys are included in the back of the book and the assessments are each reproducible for classroom use. The Bonus CD-ROM contains printable PDF versions of the assessments. 112 pgs. pb ~ Janice