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Play Monster

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Game of Matching Words With Categories and Letters Fast!. Encourages Quick Thinking, Vocabulary Skills, Cooperative Play. Think Fast To Name It and Claim It!. Players Roll the 9 Category Dice Together - Press Button To Set Timer/Choose Letter Randomly. Take Turns Saying Words That Match A Category and Start With the Designated Letter - Collect That Category Die. If Timer Ends On Your Turn, You Must Collect A Chip. If You Collect the Last Cube, You Get To Give A Chip To Another Player. Game Ends When All Chips Have Been Collected OR Given - Player With Least Amount of Chips Wins the Game. Includes 9 Category Cubes (54 Categories), 25 Chips, Electronic Timer/Letter Generator (21 Letters). Detailed Game Rules and Instructions, Included. Requires 2 AAA Batteries -, Included. High Quality Design and Materials for Lasting Durability, Exceptional Game-Play Experience.