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Reading Comprehension Fundamentals: Grade 4

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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You'll be amazed at the strides your fourth graders will make throughout the school year as they compete the lessons in the Evan-Moor Reading Comprehension Fundamentals, Grade 4 Teacher's Edition. Each workbook contains 35 skill-based units with activities that gr. 4 students can complete, including a review at the end of each unit. The reading resource includes both fiction and nonfiction texts, helping grade four kids learn how to glean different types of information from each style of writing. Using these materials, teachers can target the reading skills and strategies each individual student needs. "Current Standards - Use these supplemental classroom materials to build upon the most current standards teachers are already using"   " Multiple Practice Activities - Our teacher's resource has 35 skill-based units that delve into both fiction and nonfiction texts, using a variety of practice activities and unit reviews"   " Improves Test-Taking Skills - As your fourth graders work through the lessons, you'll notice they have more confidence at test-taking time because of a higher level of reading comprehension"   " Fiction Genre Covered - Students will study historical, realistic and mystery fiction texts as they're working through the materials"   " Comprehension Activities - By studying the texts in this workbook, your students will study main ideas and details, characters, settings, plots and themes, all while learning to compare and contrast ideas in the text" Practice identifying text features and visual information, detailed descriptions, cause and effect relationships, sequencing and inferences, separating fact from fiction, recognizing the author's purpose and plot, predicting and foreshadowing, key vocabulary terms, and genre such as realistic fiction and mystery. Help your students improve their reading comprehension with this focused approach! Reading Comprehension Fundamentals provides you tools to target the reading skills and strategies with which students need the most help. The 35 skill-based units include fiction and nonfiction texts, a variety of practice activities, and a unit review.The comprehensive units guide students to develop a deep understanding of each skill, strategy, and genre introduced with a simple teach, practice, and assess approach. Ample reading experiences and varied response formats help to improve students' overall comprehension and test-taking skills. Fourth Grade Comprehension Activities for Nonfiction Texts Fourth Grade Comprehension Activities for Fiction Texts   Character Main Idea and Details Setting Text Features and Visual Information Plot Description Theme Cause and Effect Point of View Compare and Contrast Predict Sequence Vocabulary Problem and Solution Visual Information Predict Summarize Vocabulary Make Inferences Summarize Cause and Effect Fact and Opinion Compare and Contrast Make Inferences Foreshadowing Author's Purpose Idioms Text Structure   Nonfiction genre studies include expository nonfiction, persuasive nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and descriptive nonfiction. Fiction genre studies include historical fiction, realistic fiction, and mystery.Use Reading Comprehension Fundamentals as a core standards-aligned reading resource or select the units that align with your curriculum and with your students' needs. Each of the six-volumes in this reading comprehension series by Evan-Moor provides foundational skills that students can use to improve their reading strategies, literary analysis skills, and genre recognition abilities. The workbooks contain approximately 36 units, and each of them include fiction or non-fiction text material that emphasizes one fundamental reading skill, as well as practice in identifying the structure or genre of the literary selection. This series contains black and white illustrations, and can be used as a supplement to a core reading program, as reinforcement drill, or as test-prep exercises. Workbooks also contain answer keys in the back of each volume, and nice large print that is easy to read. 176 pgs, pb. ~ Mike