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Rescue on the River (AIO Imagination Station Book 24)

Tyndale House

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In Rescue on the River, #24 by Marianne Hering and Sheila Seifert, the third book in a three-part story that focuses on the US Civil War era, readers will join cousins Patrick and Beth, as they attend Abraham Lincoln's inauguration. While there, they learn that their friend's brother Kitch is a slave in South Carolina. In search of Kitch, Patrick and Beth join Harriet Tubman as they travel down the Combahee River. They also join up with an African American unit called the Second South Carolina Volunteers, as they are working on a secret mission. Will Beth and Patrick be able to find and rescue Kitch along the way? This book is part of the highly successful AIO Imagination Station series. Paperback, 160 pages.