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Revolution Road

Compass Games

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Revolution Road presents the first two conflicts between Britain and her American colonials in 1775 which ignited the American Revolutionary War. Two complete games are included, BOSTON TO CONCORD and BUNKER HILL. These are fast, tense battles. Card driven, area movement, low counter density, quick play and simple to learn, all make REVOLUTION ROAD a wonderful introduction To the American Revolution and to to war-gaming. Its wealth of historical information makes it an ideal teaching tool.

Although the scale between the games is decidedly different the same rules apply with only slight differences. BOSTON TO CONCORD is a game of maneuver, very chess-like. For the Patriot player it involves alarming the countryside with night-riders, mustering militia and trying to fend off the best infantry in the world. For the British it is playing hide and seek with Patriot Arms caches as he ferrets out Sons of Liberty troublemakers and then tries to make it back to waiting reinforcements as the Patriot forces grow to unmanageable size.

Bunker Hill is a different animal altogether, a basic slug-fest. The Patriot player faces a growing tide of redcoats who threaten to overwhelm his defense works on every turn. Patriots face disappearing ammunition, flanking, panic and optional rules for alternate British landing sites. As casualties mount historic leaders try desperately to rally their men and bring about the miraculous result reflected upon by British General Henry Clinton when he declared "It was a dear-bought victory; another such would have ruined us."