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Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 3

Rose Publishing

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NEW! Volume 3 of the Leading Full-color Bible Chart Book Series Discover what you need to know about 27 key Bible topics at a glance! This 220-page reference book is packed with REPRODUCIBLE Bible charts, Bible timelines, and Bible overviews. Its full-color visuals will add depth to any Old and New Testament study. Perfect for personal use, small group curriculum, home school curriculum, or adult Sunday School lessons. Covers 27 popular Bible topics not included in Rose Book of Bible Charts Vol. 1 or 2. Shows 100's of facts at a glance, covering everything from spiritual disciplines, our identity in Christ, attributes of God, Proverbs, the book of Acts, what the Bible says about Forgiveness, the book of Revelation, and more! Features full-color charts, maps, and time lines that make Bible topics and Christian teaching simple, concise, and easy to understand. Gives helpful resources such as a spiritual gifts test, one-year Bible reading plan, Jerusalem time line, and more! Top 8 Bible Charts, Christian Comparison Charts, and Bible Overviews in Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines, Volume 3 Who I Am In Christ Spiritual Gifts Test Attributes of God Book of Acts One-year Bible Reading Plan Life of Moses Life of Joseph 24 Ways to Explain the Gospel Includes Reproducible Christian Charts on 27 Key Bible Topics, including Christian Living and Christian Discipleship Topics Who I Am in Christ (Assurance of Salvation and our identity in Christ) Spiritual Disciplines Spiritual Gifts (Spiritual Gifts test included) Attributes of God Favorite Bible Topics What the Bible Says about Forgiveness What the Bible Says about Money What the Bible Says about Prayer What the Bible Says about Heaven Parables of Jesus Creeds (The text and meaning of the Apostles' Creed, Nicene Creed, etc) Comparisons Charts of Christian Views Baptism (Compares biblical views of Infant Baptism and Believer's Baptism) The Lord's Supper (Compares 3 views of Communion) Bible Character Studies Life of Joseph Life of Moses Life of David Bible Overviews on Old Testament Books of the Bible Book of Psalms Overview Book of Proverbs Overview Book of Jonah Overview Book of Ruth Overview Book of Esther Overview Bible Overviews on New Testament Books of the Bible The Book of Acts The Book of Romans The Book of James The Gospels Side by Side Book of Revelation BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDES FULL-COLOR TIME LINE and ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Jerusalem Time Line 24" foldout One-Year Bible Reading Plans (Gives 3 Options on how to read the Bible in a year) Size: 9.5 x 11 inches, 240 pages. Spiral bound for ease of use, this is a must-have for any student of the Bible. Opens flat for ease of use and for photocopying. Copies are limited to 300 per original document, in one church only. Rose Publishing is a top 10 publisher of easy-to-use Bible reference material.