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Russia Besieged

Compass Games

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A new Corps/Army level WWII East Front game:

The map is about 30" x 44" or, the same size as "Deluxe Bitter Woods".

It is a ONE PIECE map, harder board, just like the maps used in The Russian Campaign 4th ed. and Deluxe Bitter Woods.

The complexity is more advanced than both games but the concepts are similar. If you know TRC, you will grasp RB easily.

In fact, if you love TRC, this is your next logical progression forward to a more robust game.

The things to get used to are:

• unit breakdowns
• building units up based on steps
• Stukas fly from airports (cities/towns), not HQ's
• HQ's hold and release reserves
• it costs 1 movement point to cross rivers
• Leader counters can impact the die
• d10 Combat Results Table with step loses
• Blitzkreig Combat Results table that sacrifices unit kills for penetration through the enemy line, armor can advance moving through ZOCs to create encirclements
• Stukas fly in both impulses but maximums are placed on how many can fly in the second impulse based on weather
• larger, more historical Order of Battle
• Partisans come in two stages, the deadlier form can be built if the simple form is left on the board unmolested
• Lend-Lease is much more accurate and is split into 3 historical entry points
• NEW impulse rail movement
• NEW revised weather table
• NEW revised Play Aid Chart
• NEW open turn speial rules
• NEW optional rules and enhanced standard rules
• and much more