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Saxon Algebra 2, 4th Edition, Homeschool Kit with Solutions Manual

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Provide students with a college-prep Algebra II course that will allow them to easily progress onto even more difficult mathematical challenges. Saxon Algebra 2, 4th Edition prepares students for calculus through explicit embedded geometry instruction. Trigonometry concepts, statistics, and applications for other subjects such as physics and chemistry are also included. Incremental lessons include a "Warm Up" activity; "New Concepts" section that introduces new concepts through examples with sidebar hints and notes; and "Lesson Practice" questions with lesson reference numbers underneath the question number. Real-world applications and continual practice & review provide the time needed to master each concept, helping students to build confidence in their mathematical abilities. Distributed, color-coded strands cover number sense and foundations of algebra; linear functions; matrices; polynomials and polynomial functions; rational and radical functions; linear systems; probability and statistics; quadratic functions; trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions; conic sections; and sequences, series, and logic. The Solutions Manual features the answers to the questions asked in the Algebra 2 Textbook. Arranged by lesson, warm-up exercises, lesson practices, and practice questions are provided; some step-by-step answers are provided. The Homeschool Testing Book features reproducible cumulative tests which are available after every five lessons after lesson 10. Tests are designed to let students learn and practice concepts before being tested, helping them build confidence. Tests, a testing schedule, test answer forms, test analysis form, and test answers (final answer only; no step-by-step solutions) included. The three optional Test Answer Forms provide the appropriate workspace for students to "show their work." The answer key shows the final solution only, not the steps taken to arrive at the answer. This 4th Edition is perfect for students who are interested in taking the Saxon Geometry course. Featuring the same incremental approach that's the hallmark of the Saxon program, the 4th Edition Algebra textbooks feature more algebra and precalculus content and fewer geometry lessons than their 3rd Edition counterparts. This Kit Includes:   Homeschool Algebra 2 Textbook, 965 indexed pages with bilingual glossary. Hardcover. 12 Sections, 120 lessons with 1 investigation per lesson. Solutions Manual, 504 pages, three-hole-punched, softcover. Homeschool Testing Book, 72 reproducible, newsprint-like pages, softcover. This text requires the use of a TI-83+ Graphing Calculator.