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Saxon Grammar & Writing Grade 8 Kit, 1st Edition

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Developed to follow the classic Saxon model of incremental development and continuous review, Saxon Grammar and Writing is a comprehensive English language curriculum that incorporates grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary development. Core-knowledge content, such as history, geography, science, and literature, is also embedded in the curriculum. This kit includes a Student Textbook with approximately 110 lessons, a Student Workbook, and a Teacher Packet. The Student Text is written directly to the student and provides instruction on key grammar and usage concepts with bolded words and examples; writing exercises are given daily while the workbook provides additional practice opportunities. The Teacher package includes answers and test blackline masters, as well as a class schedule. The Teacher Packet includes a short message to the teacher, schedule, a complete set of answer keys (for the textbook practice and review sets, writing lessons, tests, and more practice worksheets), and test masters. Tests and writing lessons are designed to be administered every 5 lessons (after the first 10). Teacher book is softcover. This Grade 8 kit includes: 1 Teacher Packet, softcover. 1 Student Text, 715 pages, 111 lessons indexed, softcover. 1 Student Workbook, 133 pages, softcover.