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Saxon Math 3: Homeschool Teachers Edition

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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This teacher's guide is the most important component in the Saxon Math 3 program and the program cannot be used without it. Each chapter includes a preparation information section that includes materials needed, what to do the night before, and what to do in the morning. The fully-scripted lesson follows with dedicated sections for the "meeting," "lesson," "class practice," and "written practice" aspects of the lesson. Each "meeting" and "lesson" is fully scripted, with the teacher's comments to the student written in bold, italic font, and organized logically under skill subject headings. Practice problems are given, as well as the basic directions and answers for the written work provided in the (sold-separately) Saxon Math 3 Student Workbooks and Fact Cards. Using a spiral approach to learning, questioning strategies, and language designed to easily help students learn mathematical concepts, this non-consumable book may be used for successive children. 140 Lessons. Master lesson-by-lesson list of materials needed provided at the front of the book. 843 pages, softcover.