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Saxon Math Algebra 1 Kit With Solutions Manual

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Students will develop the understanding they need to resolve more complex problems and functions with step-by-step instruction in Algebra 1. 120 lessons cover signed numbers, exponents; roots; absolute value; equations and inequalities; scientific notations; unit conversions; polynomials; graphs; factoring; quadratic equations; direct and inverse variations; exponential growth; statistics; and probability. This kit includes: Student Text; 564 pages, hardcover. Short answers for problem/practice sets, an index and glossary are included. The Homeschool Packet includes contains 30 student tests & test answers. The Answer key portion shows only the final solution for the practice and problem sets found in the student text. The Solutions Manual features solutions to all textbook practices and problem sets. Early solutions contain every step, while later solutions omit obvious steps. Final answers are in bold type for accurate, efficient grading.