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Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Homeschool Kit

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Saxon's Math Intermediate 4 can be used in place of Saxon Math 5/4. Saxon's incremental lessons provide daily practice and assessment in a "spiral" format; mathematical concepts are taught through informative lessons, diagrams, interactive activities, and investigations that build critical thinking as well as real-world problem solving skills. Saxon Intermediate 4 includes 12 sections, 120 lessons and 12 "investigations" with 1-2 activities each. Grade 4 concepts taught include: addition, place value, subtraction, multiplication, temperature, rounding, fractions of a dollar, adding and subtraction decimals, rate problems, division with two-digit answers, equivalent fractions, geometric solids, adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators, and more. Textbook lessons are divided into three sections. The first section is "power-up practice," which include facts practice, "count aloud," mental math, and problem-solving sections; these are designed to improve speed, accuracy, the ability to do mental math, and the ability to solve complicated problems. The second part of the lesson is the "New Concept," which introduces a new math concept through examples, and provides a chance for students to solve similar problems in the "Lesson Practice" section. Thirdly, the "Written Practice" section reviews previously taught concepts through 25-30 problems in each lesson. One "Investigation" per 10-lesson section is included; "Investigations" are variations of the daily lesson and often involve activities that take up an entire class. The included Power Up Workbook provides consumable pages for students to complete the facts practice, mental math, and problem-solving problems in the Power Up textbook section. For the "Facts Practice" problems, the textbook simply refers students to complete the problems given within this workbook. For the Mental Math and Problem Solving exercises, the problems themselves are provided within the textbook, and this Power-Up workbook only contains room for students to record their answers-the questions are not reproduced within this book. The Solutions Manual arranges answers by section and lesson, and includes complete step-by-step solutions to the Lesson Practice, Written Practice, and Early Finishers questions, as well as the questions and practice items in the Investigations. It does not contain the answers to the Power-Up Workbook, which are currently unavailable. The Homeschool Testing Book features reproducible cumulative tests which are available after every five lessons after lesson 10. Tests are designed to let students learn and practice concepts before being tested, helping them build confidence. Tests, a testing schedule, test answer forms, test analysis form, and test solutions are included. The three optional Test Solution Answer Forms provide the appropriate workspace for students to "show their work." The answer key shows the final solution only, not the steps taken to arrive at the answer.