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Sentence Diagramming Level 2 - Breakdown and Learn the Underlying Structure of Sentences (Grades 7-12+)

Critical Thinking Company

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This 80-page book teaches students how to diagram sentences so they see the underlying structure of English grammar. Diagramming sentences gives many visual and logical learners an alternative way to learn grammar. Students who understand the finer points of English grammar will apply this knowledge to their writing. For many students, boring old grammar lessons become understandable and fun—even kids who are traditionally more "math minded" begin to enjoy English lessons.Each lesson provides plenty of practice diagramming. After completing all the lessons, there is a review where students diagram sentences using all the grammar rules they have learned.The grammar lessons in Sentence Diagramming: Level 2 are: Appositive Phrases Objective Complement Gerunds and Gerund Phrases Participles Participial Phrases Infinitive Used as Nouns Infinitive Phrases Noun Clauses Adjective Clauses Adverbial Clauses Comparisons Compound-Complex Sentences