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Shapes, Sizes and More Surprises


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Countless activities and games, stories to tell, things to sort, and counting puzzles will fill many empty hours for children. Each activity is introduced with a catchy invitation and utilizes readily available household supplies such as paper, a pencil, scissors, crayons, and newspapers. Most require minimum supervision. "Dice Designs," "Opposites Attract," and "Three Sense Challenge" need a partner, but the majority of the projects are easily accomplished alone. Further challenges reinforce the skill introduced and allow youngsters to discover "More Surprises." Each game, puzzle, and activity is a learning experience unto itself. Following directions, establishing dexterity and small-motor control, learning the alphabet, counting and sorting, problem solving, and concentration are educational by-products of the thought-provoking experiences. Teachers, librarians, club leaders, and organizational directors of preschool programs will find many surprises here.