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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper


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The expansion to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is broken down into 10 new cases! There are 6 new standalone cases to test the wit of any would-be-investigators, as well as something new! Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures introduces a 4 part Campaign that pits investigators against the cruel and cunning Jack the Ripper.Chase after the wily killer through 4 cases that will bring you ever closer to stopping Jack's murderous spree. Can you find the answers you're looking for and outsmart one of history's most famous killers? Contents: 1 Rulebook 1 Double-Sided Map (Map of London and Map of Whitechapel) 1 London Directory 10 Case Books (4 Books for the Jack the Ripper Campaign and 6 Individual Cases) 10 Newspapers (1 for each Case)