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Sherwood Forest

Rio Grande Games

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Sherwood forest is beleaguered by rivaling bands. Everybody wants to be the leader who unifies all the bands and takes over from where Robin Hood left off. But only the one who gathers the most riches to give to the poor can be the leader. Plan your raids by gathering information, recruiting new companions and planning in your hide-outs. Score fame points for robberies with your gang, alone or form alliances to attack heavily guarded gold transports. Try to outwit the other players by talking them into a robbery, while you know this place will be visited by the sheriff! Clever bargaining and well planned raids will make you the heir of Robin Hood and the new leader of Sherwood Forest. The game lasts six rounds; each round consisting of two phases: a planning phase where the robbers are placed on the board, and a robbery phase where the loot cards are scored for points that possibly will lead to victory.