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Skill Sharpeners: Grammar & Punctuation, Grade 1

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Help children improve their writing while learning important grammar and punctuation rules. These colorful activity books make language skill practice fun! Skill Sharpeners: Grammar and Punctuation provides visually engaging reading selections, activities, and word games that will motivate your child to practice and learn essential grammar and punctuation skills. Plus, a Language Handbook provides you with a quick reference of the concepts covered. The activity book is organized into 15 theme-based units around topics that first graders enjoy, such as bugs, families, and food. Each unit focuses on a grammar concept and punctuation concept, and includes: A reading selection – A short fiction or nonfiction text engages children and presents the concept or skill in context. Rule boxes – Grammar and punctuation rules are made simple with a short explanation, and clear examples help to teach the skill. Colorful practice activities – A variety of activities include fun illustrations to motivate your child to practice the grammar and punctuation skills. Riddles and word games – Your child will use critical thinking skills while applying the targeted grammar or punctuation skill in a fun format! Writing practice – The “Write It Right!” page encourages your child to use the skills in context, which further promotes understanding. Review page – The short review activity is a great way to check your child’s understanding. The grammar concepts for first grade include: Nouns Adjectives Verbs Pronouns Adverbs Prepositions Punctuation concepts for first grade include: End punctuation Use of apostrophes Use of commas Use of colons Book titles Abbreviations Skill Sharpeners: Grammar and Punctuation engages your child in learning important grammar and punctuation rules. It’s ideal for enrichment at home and in the classroom, for homeschooling, and for English language learning.