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Skill Sharpeners: Math Grade K

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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The math connection is an important one, so help your child master the essentials with Skill Sharpeners: Math. This kindergarten activity book provides reinforcement in key math skills like numbers, shapes, patterns, money, addition, subtraction and more. Kindergarteners will love the fun, fascinating activities while teachers and parents will adore the results. Skill Sharpeners: Math helps students master vital skills in measurements, data, numbers and computation needed to form a strong math foundation. Use it for classroom enrichment, homework or as an at-home activity book. Homeschoolers will want to make it a part of their kindergarten day too! Common Core Top Pick for Math Measurement and Data Numbers and Operations in Base 10 Geometry Operations and Algebraic Thinking Skill Sharpeners Math, Kindergarten provides practice for the following mathematics skills:  read numbers to 20 write numbers to 10 count objects add and subtract numbers to 10 add and subtract doubles to 20 sizes and numbers identify and continue patterns give the value of a set of pennies recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters solve simple word problems identify basic shapes