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Small Animals of North America Coloring Book


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The smaller North American mammals are so populous and common, so familiar that the average animal lover overlooks them, or fails to distinguish among them. How easy to confuse the Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel with the Least Chipmunk; or mistake a Mink for its Weasel cousin, or a Marten for a Black-footed Ferret. The remedy is observation and instruction — all provided by this coloring book. Here are 46 species of mammals common to North America (including Canada and Mexico), rendered for coloring by Elizabeth McClelland, a specialist in zoological and botanical art. Each animal, from the armadillo, badger, bobcat, kit fox, kangaroo rat, and raccoon through pika, peccary, and yellowbelly marmot, is pictured in its environment with coloring information in the captions; some 25 animals appear in full color on the covers. Captions also include scientific name, family classification, size, range, and other remarks.