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Soap Maker's Workshop

F&W / Lighthouse

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Indulge in the Luxury of Homemade Natural Soaps Preserve the timeless craft of artisan soap making using Soap Maker's Workshop. As you enter the world of hand-crafted soap, you'll discover its moisturizing, glycerin-rich, cleansing and soothing benefi ts-all-natural soap without added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fragrances and colorants. Commercial soaps found at local stores can contain chemical additives that not only dry out skin, but also lead to rashes and other irritations due to the synthetic additives and the removal of glycerin. Dr. McDaniel will teach you to: Use everyday kitchenware for at-home soap making Set up a safe workspace environment Prepare lye, oils and water to make perfect homemade soap Filled with 30 recipes and multiple soap-making techniques, Soap Maker's Workshop off ers instructions for making bar and liquid soaps, shampoos and more. Using coconut oil for a rich lather, palm oil for a longer-lasting bar, olive oil for soft smooth skin, and natural botanical essential oils and herbs for aromatherapy benefits-you'll never want to leave the shower!