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Spanish Picture Dictionary / Spanish Picture Dictionary

Penguin Group

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Spanish Picture Dictionary is a practical dictionary that illustrates everyday situations with pictures, making it the easiest and fastest way to learn Spanish! Spanish Picture Dictionary can be used to complement Spanish Language lessons or as a self-study guide. The picture dictionary includes: •;Over 1,300 basic articles (nouns, adjectives, verbs and expressions) in Spanish•;24 Units that illustrate the most common needs and situations, from the most basic (food, clothing, family) to the most specific (bank, post office, cars, the road)•;Fun activities to reinforce learning such as fill in the blanks, word search and crossword puzzles (every activity includes a section with the answers)•;An introduction to Spanish pronunciation that uses vocabulary learned in the book•;A Spanish-English and an English-Spanish glossary—each cross-references the Unit and page number where each term can be found