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Spotlight on American History: Crispus Attucks and African American Patriots of the American Revolution

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"While Crisps Attucks was the first American to die for the cause of liberty he was not the only African American patriot. This informational text looks at Attucks life, his murder at the Boston Massacre and the determination of colonists to be free of Britain's tyrannical rule. This book, however, also looks at other African American patriots who fought at Lexington and Concord and other battles and who bravely fought for the nation's freedom and their own"--Provided by publisher. Crispus Attucks was a former slave who was killed during the Boston Massacre in 1770. Today, he is known as a hero who died fighting for his country. This book focuses on the important contributions made by African American men and women during the Revolution, and how they played a major role in the country's fight for independence. Full-color photos, primary source documents, and clear, compelling text will engage readers' and encourage further study of American heroes and patriots.